Minutes - Parish Meeting November 2021 DRAFT

Scopwick and Kirkby Green Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 16th November 2021 at 6pm. The meeting was held in Scopwick and Kirkby Green Village Hall.


Cllr Phillip Baumber (Chairman), Mr A Anderson (Presenter of items 2-5), Jules Wilkins (Parish Clerk and Minute Taker)
There were 75 other people in attendance at the meeting (not all were present for the whole meeting)

1.    Welcome and Introduction
Cllr Baumber welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that the Parish Council’s role was to ensure the meeting followed the correct procedure, including taking and publishing the minutes. He informed the group of the consultation event held in October by the agents, Grace Machin, which was intended to gather community feedback regarding the proposed plans for the The Limes site prior to a planning application. He clarified that no planning application has been submitted at this time.

Cllr Baumber then asked for any objections to the proposed format of the agenda provided. No objections were made.

2.    Purpose of the Meeting
Mr Alan Anderson explained his reason for calling for the parish meeting and emphasised the importance of community support and Material Planning Considerations (MPCs) in any future planning application. He explained that he had identified 12 MPCs relating to this potential application based on his notes from the October consultation event, communications from others in the community and background research.

Mr Anderson explained that MPCs would be examined once a planning application is made and he wanted to discuss two MPCs that he believes are particularly relevant for gathering community views – the change of use of the site and the potential effect on drainage of 22 additional dwellings.

3.    Local Planning Policy
Mr Anderson explained that the current site is approved for C2 usage which relates to care homes. The proposed development includes a change of use to C3(b). C3 relates to dwellings and the sub-class (a), (b) or (c) indicates the different type.  The potential application for The Limes is sub-class (b) which relates to people receiving care in a dwelling e.g. supported housing schemes.  At the consultation event the agent explained that the development would be for 22 separate dwellings with on-site carers for single-occupancy residents. The residents would be adults with a range of specialist needs including physical disabilities and mental health issues. Mr Anderson stated that once a classification is changed from C2 to C3(b) it would not be difficult to drop the (b), in which case the houses could be sold on the open market.

He went on to explain the relevance of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan (CLLP) which identifies Scopwick as a ‘small village’ with an appropriate level of growth of 10% over the period of the Plan. Where a planned development would exceed this figure clear community support for it is required. The plan identifies a baseline of 224 dwellings currently, with 10 permissions already granted. The Limes growth of 22 dwellings would therefore exceed the 10% growth allowance. The CLLP also states that small villages should accommodate small developments in appropriate locations. Mr Anderson therefore believes that the Limes development is in contravention of the CLLP.

The Chairman opened the floor to questions.

There were several questions regarding potential caveats in 3(b) planning permission and the potential obligations of and assurances from any company running such a site to maintain staffing levels.  Mr Anderson responded that he was not a planning specialist so could not comment on caveats and that the council Adult Social Care would be responsible for placements within the facility.

One resident asked whether the current owner of the site is planning to remain as the owner. Cllr Banks stated that at the event in October the agent stated the owner intended to sell the site once planning permission was gained.

Mr John Woodward informed the group that he had been in contact with the agents, and they had stated the owner of the site was a company called Inclusion Housing and not Ablegrange. He stated that the community should find out more about this company. Cllr Money responded that the freeholder of the land is responsible for any planning application and the freeholder is Ablegrange. A resident stated that others should research Ablegrange as it exists in many forms.

Further comments were made regarding the site being a high-density development without adequate care provision. It was also stated that the 14 parking spaces indicated in the plans would not be sufficient for staff, residents and visitors and questioned where overflow cars would park – probably on Main St. Mr Anderson confirmed that LCC Highways would fully consider parking and traffic issues of any planning application.

One resident stated they had worked in care and thinks Scopwick does not have adequate services such as transport and facilities needed for such a facility.

Cllr Banks asked whether the community support required had to be restricted to Material Planning Considerations or could it also cover other concerns. Cllr Baumber stated that he believed everything raised in the discussion was covered by MPCs. Mr Woodward stated that previous planning applications have been refused due to lack of community support outside of MPCs.

4.    Adequacy of Drainage
Mr Anderson explained his concerns regarding the effect of the new development on the village’s drainage system. The area is on a flood plain and there are current drainage issues including the need for regular pumping out when groundwater overwhelms the drainage and sewerage systems.

He explained that all new properties must have a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) and there was no evidence of provision for this in the plans presented by Ablegrange. He also believes there is insufficient space to accommodate SuDS systems for the 22 units. A resident responded that they could show they will find somewhere, e.g. garden spaces.

Cllr Banks agreed that there is an issue caused by groundwater which will continue irrespective of how many additional houses were built and that these additional properties would not have much impact on this.  There were several further comments on this issue including that the local clay-based soil means that soakaways do not work and that SuDS are only effective where they are higher than the water table.  Water coming off higher ground surrounding the village causes flooding of properties on Main Street.

5.    Community Vote
Mr Anderson summed up the points from the meeting and stated that he did not consider the proposed development is appropriate for Scopwick or that the owner of the site has the interests of the village at heart.

Cllr Baumber requested that any non-residents identify themselves before the community vote which is only open to residents of Scopwick and Kirkby Green. Two people raised their hands.

Mr Anderson went on to present the vote:

“Based on the information provided in the Discussion Document and what has been discussed in the meeting would you support the proposed development?”

    There were no responses to this question.

    Mr Anderson went on to ask those present to raise their hand if they do not support the    development. Fifty-seven (57) people raised their hands.

Cllr Baumber asked for anyone abstaining to raise their hands. Eight people raised their hand. It should be noted that this included the four members of the Parish Council present at the meeting (Cllrs Banks, Nelson, Money and Flett).

Mr Anderson informed the group that the results of the vote would be presented to the Parish Council for formal recording and provided to the agents, Grace Machin, as part of the community consultation.

A resident asked to speak before the meeting closed to say that although she does not agree with the proposal, she thinks the community should have more meetings to discuss possible alternatives. Cllr Banks agreed and stated that he felt the agents were encouraging the community to do that when they held the event in October.

Cllr Baumber closed the meeting.

Minutes submitted by:
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